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Strategic Thinking & Alignment

CentralKnowledge is a leading provider of Performance Management consulting services including Strategy Management, Financial Performance Management and the Balanced Scorecard. Our business expertise in Business Analytics enables our clients to achieve greater business performance insight for more aligned goals and objectives.

Our Services consist of:

  • Implementation of Balanced Scorecards
  • Align Learning Initivates
  • Develop Learning Strategies
  • Strategic management assessment
  • Link strategy to business objectives
  • Strategy Management
  • Financial Performance Management

Balanced Scorecard Services

Audit - Fixing your L&G Balanced Scorecard

Most organisations already have a Balanced Scorecard, many of these fail to meet their targets. Our Audit provides internal evaluation of any existing Balanced Scorecard implementation. Our Audit Assessment will give you a complete understanding of the issues you need to address and fix. This Audit Assessment with help guide you on the proper path to acheiving success.

Developing a Balanced Scorecard

We are experts in developing Balanced Scorecards. We can work on projects of all sizes and complexity - from simple Balanced Scorecards for small companies or departments within organisations, through to complex multi-national multi-divisional 'cascades' of Balanced Scorecards.

Training Programs- Develop Stronger BSC Skills

CentralKnowledge has been delivering Balanced Scorecard Training Programs across the globe. Our courses are all delivered by Award Winning Authors on the "Trainer Balanced Scorecard" we offer practical experience and leading edge thinking. We offer a range of BSC courses, from one-on-one coaching/consulting, 1 day in house training, online courses or a complete multi-day certified program; we can customize training activities to cover the whole range of an organisations Balanced Scorecard learning needs.

Strategy Implementation

Strategy implementation is hard!

FACT: Research has shown that most strategy implementation programmes fail. The research studies have also indicated the reasons why the failures occur. Our Strategy Implementation services have been designed to help organisations address these strategy implementation struggles.

Strategic Planning & Alignment

As companies seek new business models to meet today’s growth challenges, Our strategic planning and strategic alignment training helps leaders support their business strategies with projects that deliver real results. Our training assist C Suite executives and managers to:

  • To make strategic decisions on a daily basis
  • Understand the difference between strategy formulation and operational planning
  • Implement a quality process for strategic intelligence gathering, strategy formulation, strategy implementation planning, strategy implementation and strategy monitoring and updating
  • Examine the pitfalls in strategic decision making and implementation

We help organizations puts together powerful learning solutions that create value and achieve results

CentralKnowledge training consulting process implements techniques for rolling out training programs using our proven instructional design consultant and elearning consultant services.

To remain competitive in the global marketplace, employers need an organization that continuously improves performance through training programs that are cost-efficient and accessible to all employees. CentralKnowledge understands these objectives and is committed to sharing its expertise and support in order to help employers implement an e-learning strategy that meets organizational needs
We are committed to designing and deliever training programs focused on developing knowledge, skills and attitudes, in addition to promoting the implementation of monitoring and measurement techniques that will lead to the achievement of company objectives while mobilizing the potential of the human resources involved in our programs. We do not train for the sake of training. We train to create change.
Unsure about the best strategy to achieve your training objectives? No problem — our experienced Learning Strategist will help you design an online or offline training strategy adapted to your needs.

Measuring Training Results Where Companies FAIL?

1. Identify the desired behavior that aligns with business goals
2. Measure the impact of behaviour change on the business.
3. Encourage the desired behavior outside of the training event
4. Deliberately seek to observe the new behavior
5. Determine how effective the training was against the objectives set from the outset

NOTE: If the business goals are important then the behavior is important. If behavior hasn't changed… then change the training


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